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Teaser here… We will be adding more to this page soon! Until then, here is a look at some of the steps we have taken to build our scenic race track.



Wow, creating a page to show all of my favorite links… that is like trying to name your top 50 movies of all time. I need to see them all and then tell you why they are so impressive. Plus, I’ve seen others on the Internet list links and most of those links are broken now. I will try to avoid doing that.

There are a few different types of links I want to highlight. There is inspiration, advice, ideas, and materials. Of course some links could show up in both. Oh, there are also some pretty cool tracks already out there. So here is goes:

Inspiration: – Gregory Braun was there back in 2000 when I really started to get back into the hobby. He doesn’t know it, but the information he provided on his site was a key for me to explore what I could do to build my tracks and really have some fun. Now, I still see his site as a resource for good links, products, etc. Thanks Gregory!

AFX – I’ve always loved Aurora/AFX/Tomy  since I was a boy. So I have to make reference to their product website. It’s also another great resource for buying new track & cars. Plus, tell me those rotating pictures on their site are not completely amazing!!

AutoWorld HO Slot Cars – Yes, my next big purchase is to get the HO Drag Racing set. I love both the funny cars and the top fuel. So a few hundred and I’m set. I’ll probably buy them before my scenic track is built… we have to play with something, right??

Race Tracks:

WhiteLake Race Track – Ready to have your breath taken? WARNING… this link is not for the light hearted. If this does not hook you, you are missed out on dreaming when you were a kid… or, and adult. Ha!

Maqueta Slot del Circuito de Monaco – I can’t read the site, but if you check out the “Fotos” link you are sure to be impressed. Or, just Google “Maqueta Slot del Circuito de Monaco” and you will see some pretty fine videos.

North Fork Motor Speedway – My other favorite site. Take note that there are 4 link across the top that you should click on; The Town, The Burbs, The Race, &  The Hills. What more can I say than… WOW!


Woodland Scenics – Who better than these guys? Guess what I got for Christmas this year? (and I didn’t buy it for myself…) I got this – “River Pass Scenery Kit – HO Scale.” I am so excited. I can’t hardly wait to get my track layout to the point where I can open my box and start building. Yes, my boys are excited too!

Okay, I’m not done yet, but I need to get this post out there and keep updating it with the links I have on my home computer.

Thanks all of you who have contributed to my fun!!

(Mason with our first semi-permanent track layout)

Matthew had the idea (by the way, he likes having the ideas). He was bored one day and asked to get the slot cars out and setup a track. If you recall in a previous post, I usually had the boys setup the TCR track since it was low maintenance on my part and was easy for them to setup and race. There are plenty of cars and no issues racing it.However, on this day, Matthew didn’t want to setup that track. He wanted to setup the slot cars.

The slot cars can go so fast, the track rails have to be conditioned, etc. and makes it somewhat a hassle before they can actually “play” with them. But he is a persistent kid and got his way. He is also really good and making things work… and in no time at all, had the track setup, and was racing without issue. I was impressed enough to give it more attention. It became such a fun time, we all discussed doing it more.

Mason was not as involved at the beginning. However, he was soon hooked as well. He really has a knack for creativity and the arts already. We talked about tracks, scenery layouts and we looked at what others had done on the Internet. It took one video for him to want to jump into this project as well. Take a look – how to “Make a Waterfall.” Now Mason wants to build the scenery and Matthew wants to race. I want to build one of my dream tracks and have some fun with the boys.

(Matthew and one of the many layouts leading up to “The Idea”)

It started when I was in 6th grade and I got my first TCR track (check eBay for a reference). My Brother Paul and I raced for a long time. The collection grew over time. Eventually, I recall getting married and selling it. Some lucky guy at a swap meet sure made out on it.

The race cars were long forgotten until my oldest boy Mason was born in 1999. All the boyhood toys came back to my memory and I was a man on a mission. I lived on eBay finding and buying the same toys I owned back then. My brother has passed away by now so all the memories were pent up just waiting to be relived.

I have to sort through some old photos to see if I can find my first big track layout. Mason used to stand on a chair and race the cars while he was still in diapers. The TCR track had build in retaining walls so the cars would not flip off the track if you went too fast. I had accumulated many cars and a lot of track. So much that I made a track layout out of two 8×4 plywood pieces put together to make an “L” shaped race track. Thank heavens we had a room on the side of the house that was big enough to hold it.

I started dreaming of owning a commercial slot car race shop (still dreaming by the way). But life took my family to New Orleans soon after but my buying only increased. Now I was buying AFX track. The 4-Lane International set was my first purchase of slot cars/track. That trend continued and when I moved back to Utah, I had a lot of track.

Matthew my youngest son, was born in 2002. This photo was taken while both Mason and Matthew were playing with my TCR cars.

Phase 1: Slot Car Track Project Idea